Midnight Fit is a Active wear and accessory brand based in Brisbane, Australia.  

For owner, the Midnight Fit journey started with a passion to pursue. The idea of providing a vast clothing and accessories collection. A  range that can be worn throughout the day, whilst providing you with the comfort, style and durability. 

However, we don't see ourselves as just another clothing brand. 

Here at Midnight Fit, We are all about evolving your mentality whether that be the way you see yourself or see others. Encouraging YOU to be the best you, you can be! Living healthier lifestyles, one mindset at a time. We want to create clothing to embrace all of you and help you wear what you want, when you want while looking and feeling good. 

We know that clothes can’t change the world. But the people wearing them can. When you feel good, You feel confident to create the change you want to see. You feel confident standing as you are. Proud of everything you’ve overcome, but still pushing to be better. To do better.

We’re changing our world one mindset at a time. And we’re supporting the people brave enough to reach for big things.

People like you.

We aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle. For myself, working out and mental health go hand in hand. That’s why being active is so important to me. 

We love what we do. We learn, adapt and evolve. We value our customers and value adding to your journey, whether that be the start to your brand new fitness journey or keeping on track. 

The business name 'Midnight' comes from the owners pet dog xx  

If you're new to Midnight Fit, then thank you for checking us out. Reach out if there is anything you need, we are more than happy to help! If you've been here before - then thank you for your ongoing support and welcome back.  We are forever grateful of the ongoing support from our Midnight Fit Fam. ❤️