5 Things to consider when buying activewear! 


I, Taylor, Founder of Midnight Fit wanted to create outfits that were self-explanatory (i.e. matching sets) that could serve as the foundation for any look, whether I was going to brunch, Pilates, gym, or even a business meeting."  Fashion x Fitness. 

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Colour is a crucial thing to consider, for more reasons than one — if there's a colour that you find you tend to sweat in more, be sure to check the details section of the product description for sweat-wicking properties. Once that's out of the way, feel free to play with bold hues. 

These days, we are feeling more empowered to wear whatever we want." There's also a sort of snowball-effect that happens with colour — wearing bright hues naturally makes you feel good. "If you feel good and supported in the product you wear, it will naturally radiate even more. We love to play [with] colour blocking and colour pops — all of which add to how you feel and look, which will ultimately impact your confidence." 

Which is what we are all about at Midnight Fit - Be You | Evolving Mentality. 


Type of Activity 

Taylor Hannington | Founder of Midnight Fit is a firm believer in dressing for what's on your schedule — and that directly applies to leggings. For activities that involve more bending at the hips, like yoga and cycling, a more substantial waistband should be prioritised. "It’s best to consider the desired amount of lower abdominal coverage and support for your activity level. 

We thrive at medium- to low-impact activity but have been used for higher impact weight training as well." 

Also take note: With our newer collections, you will find a gusset. A gusset is a triangle that is located in the crutch of the garment, this feature allows your lady bits to sit nicely rather than the section of the seam parting. Preventing you from encountering the notorious ‘camel toe’.   


With summer just in, it's important to take texture and breathability into account. Our Energy Collection offers four-way stretch, custom shape compression and sweat wicking fabric. Lightweight-compression fabric that gives you the security that you need to work out, but also keeps you cool.  

A few facts we have picked up along the way, which might help give you a little insight before buying your next pair of leggings.  

Cotton leggings   

Advantage: cotton is known to be a soft breathable fabric   

Disadvantage: loses shape over time & not sweat resistant   

Polyester leggings   

Advantage: Water-resistant & sweat-wicking   

Disadvantage: not breathable + holds smells  

Spandex leggings   

Advantage: super stretchy, retains original shape    

Disadvantage: non-absorbent   

Nylon Leggings  

Advantage: durable & lightweight  

Disadvantage: Static & pilling   


Which is why, we use a combination of Polyester, Nylon + Spandex. 

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