How it all began

We want to tell you a little bit about us, in more detail. Lets get close. 
Starting a business is somewhat difficult, but you just have to take a leap of faith and be willing to work for it. In all honesty i think that creating our business name was one of the toughest parts. I was up all night thinking of everything, all brand names which most of them were already taken. So i thought i’d sleep on it. My dog kept barking for the next 20 minutes as i was trying to get to sleep. I would call out to her multiple times.  ‘Midnight ... Midnight be quiet’. Then it clicked. If you can imagine a big light bulb turning on there it was! Perfect. Midnight Fit. I was ecstatic not only because i had figured out the name of my brand, but because it had a meaning behind it. 
My little furry friend will now get to be apart of something forever. 
At Midnight Fit we aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle. While looking and feeling good. Because for me, working out and mental health go hand in hand. That’s why being active is so important to me. It can make or break a day for me, plus you will never feel bad after a workout! Think of all those endorphins rushing through your body. 
See the idea of Midnight Fit was not only the idea of providing a vast clothing and accessories collection but it was to provide you with a range that can be worn throughout the day, whilst providing you with the comfort, style and durability. 
We want to know more about you! Don't forget to #midnightfitwear 

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