Adjusting with Isolation

How have you adapted through isolation?

How have you used your time?

Personally, I have taken this break as a breath of fresh air. Taking in all of my emotions and feelings and put them to figuring out what I really want. It has been great for business, allowing more time to focus on everything Midnight Fit, making tweaks and improvements to each and every collection we bring out.

I’ve taken feedback on board from current items + asking what YOU want to see as well.

I want to just quickly say, even if you didn’t achieve any big goals or spend your time in isolation doing something creative it’s ok. You don’t have to listen to the world of social media saying if you didn’t spend this time wisely you screwed up. You don’t always have to be doing something.  I have taken this time to focus on allowing myself to feel. And to me, personally that is a big step in itself. We have been alone with our thoughts, in our houses. what else have we been able to do?

I know at the start of my iso time I did binge watch A LOT of Netflix, I did a few workouts here and there. Said I would start tracking my food again… that lasted for 4 days, and then I dropped off again. But I didn’t punish myself. My body and my mind have deserved this break.

Going from working 6+ days a week pre iso, it allowed me to slow down. I mean, I’m sure a few of you can relate #relatable.

In saying all of this, your mindset dictates how you approach your entire day, so it’s a good idea to set your mind right first thing after waking up.

Let's evolve together, shift our mindsets, changing lifestyles one mindset at a time.


Love Taylor xx

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