7 Ways to stay Motivated & Increase that LOW gym Motivation

For many, the hardest part of working out is just getting to the gym.

Often, after a long day of work, the only thing you feel like doing is relaxing. And if you have a busy family, you might have all kinds of obligations that keep you busy until you go to sleep.

So how can we find the motivation to exercise when it’s hard enough to just get started? Luckily, there are simple approaches to just start working out consistently, whilst building new habits and overcoming almost any obstacle in your journey.



Many people struggle to exercise because they choose massive, overwhelming goals. It’s nice to have big ambitions, but when you throw too much at yourself at once, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, start with smaller goals to build momentum and confidence, and then give each one 100% effort. Make sure it is realistic and can be adapted into your lifestyle and meeting the goal. For example, instead of trying to eat healthfully 100% of the time (which can be tough if you’re just starting), start with just 80%.



You already know smaller goals are better than trying to move hypothetical mountains. Once you actually achieve those goals, it’s important to reward yourself for your hard work.

Treat yourself to a day-trip to your favourite getaway or some cool new workout accessories. Just make sure your reward doesn’t undo the health improvements you’ve just made (That means limiting the ice cream consumption as a reward after each tough workout!).

Rewards do make fitness more fun, positive and motivating. Plus, it could just be the right incentive you need to get you to achieve incredible things.



What you say carries more weight than you think. For example, do you ever say things (or hear other people say things) like:

  • I can’t.
  • I’m just no good at this.
  • It’s too hard.
  • I’ll never reach my goals.

Unfortunately, these phrases can limit your results and become self-fulfilling statements. Start being very careful and intentional with what you say (and reflect!), and try using more positive and empowering statements like:

  • I can do it.
  • I commit to becoming good at fitness.
  • It’s getting easier and easier every time.
  • I will reach my goals.
  • I will overcome any obstacles

‘Change your thoughts, and you’ll change your results.’



Fitness is a long journey with many ups and downs, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an athlete. When you’re only focused on your goal, you’ll struggle. That’s because you might get frustrated if all your hard work and sacrifices still doesn’t help you achieve your anticipated results, which then hurts your motivation and confidence.

Instead, turn your focus to the journey. Lean into the moments and efforts that lead up and to the goal: making sure you exercise enough each week, eat the right number of healthy meals, get the appropriate amount of sleep, etc.

When you concentrate on each step, your chances of reaching your destination are much higher.  




It only takes a few seconds to add your workout to your calendar your to-do list, but doing so goes a long way toward helping you build those new habits and stay consistent. When you put exercise into your calendar (no matter how short or long a workout), you are prioritizing the workout into your day and it then creates a mini-commitment to get it done.



Having a friend join you in your fitness journey can make a huge difference in your success. Get them involved by going to the gym together or messaging each other when you’re about to do a work out. You can even keep each other accountable and give each other a kick in the backside when needed.



It’s normal to feel worn-out and unmotivated after a long day of work; it can be even harder when you have to drive home from work, find your gym clothes, find your workout shoes, get changed into those gym clothes, grab water and or a snack and then finally drive to the gym.

Instead, take the stress out of exercise. Have your gym bag ready with all your essentials packed and ready to go, and take it with you to work so you don’t need to make that extra trip.


Trust us when we say: This goes a long way toward making life easier and helps keep your motivation levels high.

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